Charlottenstraße 95, 10969 Berlin
project image
Nexus Productions Office
Nexus Productions Ltd. is an international awardwinning animation film agency.magma architecture redesigned a former bank building in East London into their central offices. The concept was to emphasize the existing state as on old building with a changing history and to compliment it with new elements: the highly refined ‚trays‘ and ‚prisms‘ contrast with the untreated surfaces and exposed ductwork of the old building. The walls act in a variety of ways. In the entrance area an upstand creates an informal meeting, waiting and reading area. The surrounding tray-walls integrate shelves and serve as a library. Docked to the ‚trays‘ are the three meeting rooms: the ‚prisms‘ with their facetted surfaces they allow a regular spread of light for the presentation of films. These bright, crystallinie interiors create a dynamic atmosphere reflecting the work of the client.