Aleksinackih Rudara 31/20, Belgrado
project image
TESLA CENTER / New gate of Belgrade
A location that was earlier a symbol of state and army institutions is receiving a completely new identity. The gate for the 21st century is presenting new attributes of modern culture and opened society, representing itself through intellectual and creative work. The Gate is a centre for research of connection between art, science and technology. The center is dedicated to Nikola Tesla and named Tesla Edutainment, aimed to become an institution of new forms of education and fun. Existing buildings, bombed locations and new structure are combined to establish new hybrid form. Different forms are treated equally to produce a new scheme of space. The approach - RE-build, RE-use, RE-cycling - discovers new forms at the locations of big destruction of the existing buildings. The new city gate represents a new symbol, playing with light and electronic forms it becomes a stage for itself.