Kruiskade 6, 3012EH, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
project image
Villa Welpeloo interior
2009, Enschede
The basics of the interior are shaped by the exhibition space where paintings can be shown. To make the paintings stand out the colours and materials of the interior are on the background. Besides that all the electrical wiring for appliances and lighting has been hidden inside the walls. All built in furniture has a vertical calibration that is used playfully and expressive to place various functions within the furniture. The stair and the furnishings have the same reticent set of colours. On the inside of the furnishings the noteworthy materialization of building signage as drawers and cupboards appears. An elevator for the transport of goods is incorporated in the studio and hidden from sight; it is the building elevator that was used during the construction of the steel frame. The art works are lit by remarkable armatures made from the stretchers of broken umbrella's. It is designed for this villa by studio En-Fer.