via de' ciancaleoni 34, 00184 rome, italy
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Nanjing Automobile Museum
Nanjing - first prize
Drive-in, Automobile Museum It is the design for a building to be dedicated to the automobile, where the automobile is also the visitor. The museum is articulated in two concentric helicoidal ramps; in the external one the visitor drives up the exhibition area in his own car, an experience that the architect describes as a “safari” because the visitor, as a motorist, is an exhibit himself. The architect describes the museum as a “movie sequence in which the principal actor is the car”, a building where two car-related panorama go hand in hand: on the one hand the architect’s conscious attention to motorway aestheticism and urban scale – the structures and materials remind one of a viaduct- and on the other, his transportation into the museum of the ergonomics of the interior of a car.