Ljeska 90
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Ethic chair
Belgrade, Serbia - first prize
ETHICchair/ Overall Award for Best Use of Sustainable Materials on SITTING GREEN competition / Members of the jury panel were: Konstantin Grcic, Shin Azumi, Tony Chambers, Brigit Loman and Branko Lukic ETHIC CHAIR/The idea is to include human conscious as one of the main ideas into the process of furniture design, as well as the other spheres of life. Clear conscious is slowly becoming the postulate of a new luxurious life style. Principles of ethics before the esthetics were the starting point in designing this chair. The chair was made of parts cut out of laminate boards, that are used up to the maximun, with low percentage of leftover parts. Sides, that is legs of the chair, are fitted into each other and to the laminate board, and the seat was made out of parts that remained after cutting through the backrest...