Kruiskade 6, 3012EH, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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Chairway to heaven
2009, Bordeaux
Installation based on two hundred chairs that were available at Arc en Rève, Bordeaux. We built the library of the exhibition on site by taking the chairs, the pallet-structure and the French building code as design demands. The main goal was to get to a level where the visitors can experience the impressive space of the big nave. The stairway was built with the most orthogonal chairs, they could be tied together in a solid way. Then by ‘coincidence’, the backside of the orange chairs fit exactly in the backrest of the chairway, forming a slightly arched handrail. In building with waste there is no coincidence, if you ‘listen’ well to the material everything will fit in its place, we only give it direction. The structure is to be used in a ritual way. You choose a book from the floor, replace it with your shoes. Then you ascend the structure and enjoy the book and the surroundings.