Kruiskade 6, 3012EH, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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Fonds BKVB
2008, Amsterdam
The first time we used the window frames that are being re-used as a base for this exhibition was in the Hague. At that time a building by Carel Weeber, ‘the Black Madonna’ was dismantled. There had been much discussion about the pros and cons of demolishing this technically sound building. It seemed appropriate to reuse the window frames. They turned out to be a very durable material and useful for exhibitions. Since then the design has been transformed several times. In Amsterdam we made it into a sound-proofed temporary meeting room for the committee deciding on grants for artists, designers and architects. Applicants were able to sit in the foundation library, and watch the committee discussing the proposals in the glass box and on screens. Just before their interview, the applicants go into the preparation room to hang their presentation on the revolving wall.