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MINNEAPOLIS - mentioned
Live performance, recorded on Cedar Ave. in Minneapolis (next to The Nomad), for the 2009 Mobile Music Symposium at UMN.For this installation we propose a complex battle scene inspired both by Akbar (Mughal 1526-1858 CE) and Western panoramas of conflict. We will create a multiple projection installation with animated figures. The animation will be in real-time (as opposed to a pre-recorded/rendered form); this will allow participation by gallery/performance visitors to affect the rendering and direction of the visual narrative. This battle scene will consist of a series of vignettes- a fountain of dead people, gun fighters, knife fighters and nihilist observers (inspired by those who came out to picnic during Civil War battles).This piece does not depict any specific war in the present or the past. Rather, it meditates the violence and conflict dispersed around the world.