Reutsedijk 13 5264 PC Vught Netherlands
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Meeting square
Kapellen - selected
Following the call (Open Oproep) of the Flemish Chief Architect (bOb Van Reeth), Buro Lubbers designed a new village square for Kapellen. The aim of the square was to strengthen the specific character of Kapellen, namely its ‘urban villageness’, as well as to function as a strong quality boost for the complete centre of town. Furthermore, the square should be a flexible space that can be used for a wide scheme of daily and festive activities. The design concept of Buro Lubbers was as simple as effective: spreading out a carpet of Belgian bluestone. Since the clinkers that have been tooled differently and structured in a playful pattern, the square shows a characteristic, refined mesh. The durable and qualitative materials give both the square and the centre of town grandeur.