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Twente Airport
Twente - selected
Twente is a region in the east of The Netherlands where there are important innovation and knowledge clusters. The beautiful landscape between Twente's major cities Enschede, Hengelo and Oldenzaal has not urbanised in the past decades because of the presence of a military airport. The Twente air base was abandoned a few years ago. Together with Palmbout Urban Landscapes, our firm has worked on two plans for the former air base: in the one, the most important feature is a new regional airport for civil aviation, and in the other, the most important feature is a complex of ‘care and cure’ functions. These plans were subsequently examined and calculated by regional economists as well as business and environmental experts, in terms of the extent to which they contribute to a more sustainable Twente, in an economical and ecological sense. The public authorities involved, eventually opted for the construction of a new regional airport. In cooperation with PALMBOUT Urban Landscapes