Piraeusplein 37 / Amsterdam / 1019 NM Netherlands
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The Oostvaardersplassen
The Oostvaardersplassen, which measures about 6,000 hectares, makes up a unique nature conservation area. 40 years ago the area came about by accident due to the construction of the Southern Flevoland impoldering in the former Zuyder Sea. This part of the impoldering was reserved as a business park, but it soon became apparent that this area was developing into a wetland of international importance. The development of the Oostvaardersplassen played a major role in the thinking about nature conservation in The Netherlands. Here it became clear that it was not only possible to protect existing nature, but that new nature could also be developed by creating the right basis situation. The Oostvaardersplassen is the only wilderness in the otherwise so finely trimmed Netherlands. Incooperation with Onix