Piraeusplein 37 / Amsterdam / 1019 NM Netherlands
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Baena promenade
Urban balocany Ladera Sur-Baena is a walled town near the city of Cordoba in the south of Spain. We have designed a promenade on the southern side of the town which, like an urban balcony, provides a view of the terrific landscape. The intervention that we propose is simple, but has a major effect on the town. By adding a spacious boulevard that acts like a balcony of the town, the town’s perspective turns 180 degrees. The rear end becomes the urban periphery’s front end; instead of turning its back towards the landscape, it will be facing it from the front.The boulevard will become a place in which to meet and to enjoy this fantastic view. At and along the boulevard there will be a new hotel, the school for tourism, the Iberian museum, a water bar and a park.