Kaethe Niederkirchner Str 7 - 10407 Berlin
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archaeological landscape park
Erftstadt - second prize
- with Kilga Popp architects - The site is a typical intermediate site. Its initially peripheral appearance is linked to the potential of a dense, almost urban alliance with the adjacent settlement patterns. We understand the idea of a park on this site as an open and public structure, whose potential usage and experience can be enhanced, which must however be generated from the existing structures. Among these are landscape moments along the river Erft, the vastness of the fertile agricultural burrows which grants a panoramic view onto the Eifel mountain range, the pertinacious rumbling sounds from the traversing autobahn and the archaeological findings from the Roman empire. The concept proposes the activation of the site through punctual measures. These could be summarized as visualization (of the trace of the Roman road), linkage (of the existing paths) and accentuation (creating possibilities for an unusual experience of the site).