Kaethe Niederkirchner Str 7 - 10407 Berlin
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Escalier d'Eau
Lausanne - second prize
- with SPAX architects - The Escalier d‘Eau consists of four containers, which are set onto the slope as a diagonal stack. They are filled with gravel and water and planted with water lilies. The upper, accessible container is filled with gravel only. The opened container doors and a large steel-plate form the gate to a garden. It is simultaneously a bellevue: From the edge of this first step of the Escalier d’Eau one has a view through the canopy of trees into the valley and onto water-basins below. The installation sets a gardenesque stage for perceiving the opening city-space.. The garden is a temporary intervention. Containers conventionally used in construction, are during the course of a garden-season transformed into a water-staircase. In the months to follow they will return to serve their inherent purpose. With this garden on the unfinished and undefined slope we use the ephemeral character of the containers for a brief reanima