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jardin portuaire
Le Havre - invited
In a port, paradoxically, the water is most inaccessible. Deep down in the basin it develops its charm only from the distance. In the urban reconstitution of a port-zone the question of this asset´s use must be central. The jardin portuaire brings the water to closer inspection - for a short moment. Not caught in another, yet higher basin, the water triggers a fascination beyond the materiality of its container. Large plastic bags are laid out in a field, the bags filled with port water. They are transparent and work like lenses or windows onto the ground of the quai. Whatever is in and under them becomes subject to closer scrutiny. With a fragile material the project contains the fugitive water over the course of four days. The water-bodies on the ground will be in movement just like its dismembered body in the port-basin. In the end the water will return to the basin and leave only a few puddles .... for a while.