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Vain in Transit. Digital Creature
V2_, 2┬░ Arch. Biennale, Rotterdam - invited
'Vain in Transit. Digital Creature' is a media installation allowing visitors to interactively evolve and manipulate a swarming and flowing digital creature trapped in a process of oscillating between states of being. It deals with an experiential visualization of emotions within our inner space, through sensations aroused in touching. The project refers to the technology of energy transmission, invisible in nature: thanks to the assimilation into an electromagnetic field the visitor becomes part of the sensors. Other visitors can then trigger interaction by touching the person standing in the field. In order to sense the human body electromagnetic signals 'Vain in Transit' investigates Electric Field Sensing Technology. The interactive interface consists by a grid of electromagnetic RF proximity sensors plates, equipped with a flat pitch antenna (which operate very much like Theremins), tracking electromagnetic signals.