Kruiskade 6, 3012EH, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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2007, The Hague
Building intelligently is a combination of technological development, integration of functions, ethics and a radically new approach to design. The focus is on sustainability and reuse, innovation and creativity. Everything can be organized in a more clever way. Why not cut waste flows short? Use whatever materials are available around building sites. Make buildings much lighter than they are today. This saves a lot of energy and material. Incorporate the dismantling of a building or product into the design. Many people are of the opinion that building intelligently will be the revolution of the 21st century.

The exhibition ‘OmBouwen/ReStructure' shows that the three approaches to building intelligently, i.e. reuse (Superuse), lightweight constructions (Building Lightness) and Cradle to Cradle, are different but complimentary. Superuse looks back. Reuse everything available.