Via Cristoforo Colombo 183 - 00147 Roma
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Europan 8 Rura colam
Latina - second prize
The territorial scale proposal borrows the orthogonal matrix of the Pontino farm model, in an alteration of vegetable and mineral fields, integrating existing assets and future interventions in a unitary and flexible order. Different vocations are recognized pertaining to the fields: a theatre of experiences and manifold behaviours, with a view of diffused relational space, according to their dimension and distribution over the area. At On the urban scale, limits are recognized in the natural sign of the ditch and in the built front. New signs are introduced in adherence to the territorial matrix. Two axes and the architectural planare defined by their intersection. The knot coincides with the most representative element of the programme installation: church, with the bell tower. Small architectural episodes punctuate the public space marking the border and underlining the nature of the site as open enclosure. (G. Pugliano capogruppo)