Via Cristoforo Colombo 183 - 00147 Roma
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Parco Urbano a Casal Monastero
Casal Monastero (Roma)
The project is about a public park of quite 6 hectares, a residential area in the outskirts of Rome. The area is on the edge between the city and the “Agro”, the typical Rome countryside, narrow between four-storey blocks of flats and dual carriageway. A little stream crossed the area from north to south and from the edge ground slopes down toward the canal. Today the stream is invisible - there's a drop of about 3-4 meters from the top of the stream banks and the bottom where water flows - only signed by trees on the sides, and it is dangerous to reach down it. The project is structured by three essential elements, easy to recognize from outside as well as staying inside the park: - the external crown, with many small trees, contains the entrances and the main path with facilities; - the large inner grass field, that preserves the image of the agricultural landscape - the stream line, with big native trees. (F. Cellini, A. Salvioni)