Mejlgade 50 BB, st. / 8000 Aarhus C / Denmark
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DRAMMEN - first prize
The new park of knowledge in Drammen will be framing an adult education centre and a library. The connections between the new main building and the existing heritage buildings is created by a continuous city floor, called The Blue Plaza. The floor surface and materiality is developed as a metaphor on an enlightened surface of water, so the unity of the plaza is perceived as a long, flowing course towards the river. The surface is made in black basalt, in which the blue tint is accentuated by narrow stripes of glass and aluminium in blue nuances. Outdoor zones are created on each side of the main building, so that one can always find a lovely place for a break in the sun. Adjacent to the river a big stair is build, and on the south bank there is created a big activity zone with furniture placed in the lee of cherry trees. All furniture is specially designed for the project.