Mejlgade 50 BB, st. / 8000 Aarhus C / Denmark
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MALMÖ - mentioned
What makes a great square? The renaissance taught us that the facades of the surrounding buildings define a square. We have learned from modernism that the surface, a square’s floor, defines a square. In this suggestion we include both! The centre is cleared of various clutters, leaving room for both activities as well as a grand open space for the growing city of Malmö. Along the edges of the square we wanted to create a comfort zone of trees, benches and bronze screens of light. The open square is held by 3 anchors, each representing an individual layer as well as different times in the square: the well, the statue and the pillar of light. During the day the square has a cool Nordic tone; open, light and friendly, but when night falls, a warm intensity, deep and golden, emerges as the light from the screens and the pillar makes the floor surface glitter as a magic carpet – as in a thousand and one square.