Mejlgade 50 BB, st. / 8000 Aarhus C / Denmark
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COPENHAGEN - first prize
Prags Boulevard is situated between old industrial areas and very large apartment buildings, a particular worn and in many ways strained area. The most important architectural feature is the construction of a boulevard which consists of continuing green elements – the poplars, the grass, the green chairs, and the neon-green lamps. These four green sections make the main element of the alteration of Prags Boulevard. Furthermore, the purpose is to place and elaborate of a number of activity areas. The seven activity areas are being carried out with different programs developed from an independent theme. The areas include: the square, the garden, the stage, the court, the cage, the kindergarten, the skating area. These are placed as counterparts to the continuing green sections. The project is a part of a special kind of urban renewal in Copenhagen, where the citizens are very involved in the development of the projects.