Dúbravská cesta 9, 845 03 Bratislava
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Black Water, Bratislava
type : housing / status : study / date : 01/2009 / location : Black Water, Bratislava, Slovakia / property area: 64532,0 m2 / floorage : 58080,0 m2 / authors : Daniel Šubín, Martin Maňo + Atelier-S GV II is one part of biggest urban plan with participation of various architects /Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Crotia.../. In our proposal we would formalize the term of property /GV II/ to architectural form. Grass roofs, one-side south views, triangular colective greenery with playground..and parking under designed objects. We decided to use the traditional symbols of old architecture of slovak villages, rural waved landscape and the greencovered roofs of Iceland houses.