via Andrea Doria 28 - 18018 Arma di Taggia (IM)
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la craquelure
Badalucco (IM) - second prize
The surface looks like mud dried and cracked by the sun’s heat, just like “craquelure” ceramics, a huge life-size art work. The two-dimensional design acquires a third dimension, the lines gain depth and the ground becomes a surface where cracks follow the natural order of the place. The flower-beds are laid horizontally, in contrast with the slope of the square, widen and deepen the furrow and emphasize the depth of this simple-seeing surface. The bench, however, stands out and becomes a seat for people of all ages and sizes. The young olive trees, the dominating essence of this geographic area, sprout from the cracks in the surface and create another element is the play of volumes.