via Andrea Doria 28 - 18018 Arma di Taggia (IM)
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architettura di facciata
Santo Stefano al mare (IM) - first prize
The 105-place car park, on two below-ground floors, is near a small historic town centre. The critical point of the project is the front wall of the car park, visible from the sea from a great distance. It is 85m long and on average 6m high and it was necessary to create fire prevention air-vents. Netting made of linear zinc-plated steel elements is laid on top of the large surface, where local stone alternates with the tall narrow air vents; this is also protection against break-ins where it covers the vents and a parapet where it meets the roof. The steel netting is also characteristic of the small stair blocks which appear on the roof, level with the cycle track.