Storgate 25, 0184 Oslo, Norway
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Mobile Performance Venue
World Wide - special prize
The Mobile Performance Venue will represent Arts Alliance and their performance "ID - Identity of the Soul" worldwide in 2009. ID is a five-screen cinematic performance based on Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s poem Terje Vigen and Mahmoud Darwish's poem A Soldier Dreams of White Lillies. Associative images of the poem, interspersed with filmed images of an actor presenting it are projected onto five 12mx7m HD-video screens. The client brief for the project is for a lightweight and easily transportable venue that meets their technical requirements, while also creating a unique and iconic structure. The current design makes the MPV the largest mobile venue in the world. The dynamic oval form is 90 x 60m and has 3900m2 of covered space. The central space will hold a standing audience of 3500 people. light weight structure is achieved using self-supporting PVC skin of hexagonal inflated tubes and cushions that form the project skin.