Rome, via A. Vespucci, 24
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Parco Radicelli e complesso sportivo | 2008
Rome - first prize
A 14.000 sqm park and a new sport center (3.128 sqm) are foreseen in Paglian Casale - Parco Radiceli, a suburbian area of Rome along the Via Ardeatina. The project aims to reduce the impact of the new building and preserve the “Agro romano” landscape as much as possible. Parallel “layers” alternate green slopes with panoramic terraces and gradually connect the future housing with the more rural part of the park. Along the “edges” are located the new sport center and the park facilities, entrances and parking lots. The sport center (2 swimming pools, gym, club house) is strongly tied to the morphology of the site in a game of horizontal and sloping planes. The panoramic rooftop terrace offers new public space to the neighbourhood without compromising further soil and the connection between the housing and the park. LAND+studioUAP+TSPOON