Stavangergata 46a / N-0467 Oslo
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Element House
Anyang Resort, South Korea, 2006
This architectural structure, situated in a river valley marking an edge of a forest park and the Seoul metropolitan area, is made to offer a shelter and an experience for all senses to the people on their way to nature or returning back to city; it is an invitation space for the users of the Anyang Resort. The larger main space is a cubical space made of steel. It leads to four smaller wooden rooms situated in four different levels, from a cellar to an attic. Each small space includes a suggestion for use and the symbolic presence of one of the basic elements (fire, water, air, earth). The chosen main materials, rusty steel and wood, imitate the colors of the surrounding nature. In one of the rooms is an art work made of colored concrete by Norwegian artist John Roger Holte. The project wishes to create an inner world where memories and even dreams may have their moment and place.