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Kaluga Floating sauna
ArchStoyanie, Russia 2008
A house built on water (Noah’s ark) This is far from overwhelming list of natural cataclysms ended with catastrophes caused by the World Ocean. At the same time life on our planet have arose from water. We call upon to friendly contacts with water resources of our planet and careful attitudes. For realization of these concepts we offer to design short-term floating house which can be used as a shelter for 3 – 6 persons within several days. These floating houses are going to be floated down the Ugra river, from Juhnovo to Nikola-Lenivets village. Upon the festival completion the «water crafts» are going to be transported to the specially arranged territory in Nikola-Lenivets village (presumably river bank from Nikola-Lenivets to Zvizhi village), where they are going to be used as permanent museum exhibits and guest-houses at the same time. Technical requirements and calculation of displacement are enclosed.