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Graz - Reininghaus
Graz - invited
Seven well-known landscape designers from all over Europe were invited to develop their visions for the function, scope, use, and design of the open space in Reininghaus, to condense them into concepts, and to work out examples in detail. The main focus was always on achieving the widest possible range of ideas. That was why the concept was not commissioned from a single landscape planning office, and instead several experts and teams were invited to take a professional look at the green and open space in Graz-Reininghaus. The concept phase is based on the widest possible inclusion of approaches to open space planning. Green and open space is to play a leading role in the development of the district along with other aspects of variety of use, mobility, and urban scenarios. The opportunity that Graz-Reininghaus and the city of Graz stand to gain from the creation of green space of this kind is unique.