Kuperionstrasse 39012 Merano - BZ
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Lovers Garden - Herzflattern
Gärten von Trauttmannsdorff - BZ - third prize
Falling in love cannot be planned, it happens when one least expects it. Love cannot be controlled, but in the instance it takes place, it overwhelmes all the senses Two flowerbeds, planted amidst the present downy oak, create astounding spatial effects within the wood. They take the visitor by surprise, nestled in the slope’s mildly contrasting, rolling structures. With the changing seasons, annual and perennial flowering plants fill the area with high-intensity colours, shapes and aromas; an allusion to the fleeting beauty of falling in love, dangerous amours, or perhaps childhood memories of broad, blooming fields. Comfortable seats with textile covering in the flowerbed invite visitors to linger a while. the strolling garden, structured by small branching trees and selected groundcover connects the two flowerbeds, precious moments can be immortalised there in the bark of the lying tree trunks.