Kuperionstrasse 39012 Merano - BZ
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Postal | Burgstall - BZ
The open space of the company building can be thought of as its spatial business-card for visitors. The area, surrounded by parking spaces at the one side and the building itself at the other, picks up the theme of regular waves, which characterize the facade of the building and repeats it by sliding them gently underneath the lawn. A diagonal path leads visitors amongst the waves to the main entrance. The specific use of already existing materials, mainly crude steel and wood, seeks the dialog and reinterprets them by that way. Along the troughs of the waves two narrow byways connect car parking with the production halls. There, wooden stages surrounded by a gravel surfaced area, provide generous space for the annual summerparties and celebretions and also invite the staff to spend their breaktimes outside.New planted trees of Paulownia tomentosa complete the existing planting and offer a shady pathway in the summer.