Kuperionstrasse 39012 Merano - BZ
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vigilius mountain resort
Vigiljoch | S.Vigilio - Lana (BZ)
San Vigilio is the traditional recreation area for the district around the city of Merano located at 1500m sea level. In this surroundings the architect Matteo Thun placed a complex of buildings composed almost exclusively of wood, glass, stone and clay. The hotel lies in the landscape as if it was a huge overthrown trunk, while the surrounding terrain slopes steeply at three sides forming a smooth setting around the building. According to this, the design of the garden is kept very discrete for achieving a harmonic integration of the building into nature. The central theme in the concept of the open space is the larch with its flora. Thus the garden of the Vigilius mountain resort stands for a concentrated scenery of the landscape of San Vigilio. Three wooden pieces of furniture, called “larch-rest” are folded up following the sloped area and allow according to the terrain inclination three different sitting possibilities .