Youngstorget 2a, 0181 Oslo, Norway
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Europan9 - Sion - first prize
Boarwalking (Eli Grønn/Ivar Lyngner) is a new masterplan for the station district of Sion. The city is situated on a major railway line between Switzerland and Italy, and constitutes a major bus hub. The station district and the city centre are poorly linked, and the area lacs program. The programmatic void strengthens the impression of the station area as a barrier between the South and North side of the city. Lack of distinction between the station square and the bus terminal creates a chaotic and non-welcomming first impression. We reorganize the traffic, and to replace the station building and square with a 250 m station boardwalk, constituting the new face of Sion. The program of the the station building is spread out along the boardwalk and merged with the new station district. From the boardwalk, citizens, commuters and tourist are guided through the new district and into the city centre.