Oslo, Norvegia
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Resting area and viewing point, Rondane mountains
Stadsbuøyen (Norway) - first prize
The project is located at the foot of the Rondane mountains in the middle of Norway. The site, Stadsbuøyen lies in Frekmyr nature reserve, a nature reserve protected since 1989. The point lies approximately 880 metres above sea level. By Stadsbuøyen the Rondanevegen cuts through the landscape from the historic ice age and meets the heavily forested foot of the mountains. When the main road was built, a scar in the landscape created an unnatural situation there. “The Glade” grasps the meeting between these two different landscapes and interprets it. The project employs an experience of clarity, geology history, paths and grandiose views. To see more: www.nataas.com/work/prosjekter/rondane/index.html