Oslo, Norvegia
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Fish marked in Bergen
Bergen (Norway) - first prize
This project is created by Gisle Nataas and Kasper Bak. The project is from 2004 a part of the master plan of the community in Bergen. The fish marked in Bergen is placed between the historical city and the Atlantic Ocean, and is a part of the main square in the city. The project increases and makes the landscape clear to the city and the sea meeting different levels. The project creates a clear distinction of 3 central areas: the Market place, The Basar and the Promenade. The market place is situated in a large open area with direct contact to the sea. The new building creates spaciousness where Vågsallmenningen joins the other areas of the city which leads out to the sea. At the same time, the reflection in the water draws towards Vågsallmenningen through an established tidal stairway. To see more: www.nataas.com/work/prosjekter/fisketorg-comp/index.html