Duque Fernán Nunez, 2 28012 Madr
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Tupper Home
Madrid - first prize
Tupper Home is the first product of the Tupper Shop, a catalogue of architectural products, of which a first prototype, based on demonstrative marketing, that has been recently constructed in Madrid’s city centre, and which is posited as an alternative to official strategic urbanism. The house presents an architectonic and financial response to three public preoccupations that prove the crisis of the model of development of residential fabrics in Spain, after the entrance of the Euro, and of which the design in detail of houses is an obligatory passing point. Tupper Home system promotes the specialization of technological solutions and normalizing of their production processes by directly influencing and optimizing the use of space. Making it possible to maintain the same facilities, with a 55% reduction in the size of dwellings, and therefore a 52% saving in the overall cost. The houses contain their own mechanism of propagation, a