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TUVIXEDDU Restoration of an archaeological park
Cagliari, Sardina - Italy - first prize
Like an island in the town, the Tuvixeddu hill, complex, uneven, loaded with history and of multiple uses, seems to resist time and multiple covetousness. It offers to the view a landscape where the contradictory vestiges of the vacations, sepulture (ancient grave) and industries (quarry) mix without harming each other, but where what ever is the angle of approach, nature dominates. The development project integrates this complexity. The perceptible wealth of Tuvixedo is a wealth written in time. The project aim to favour the multiplicity of the spatial and temporal access and this way, the multiplicity of the uses, of the travelling and of the feeling of time. With Gilles Clément and Gatti and Borio, 2007.