213 Rue du Fbg St Antoine 75011 - Paris
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Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Activating in Sao Paulo a 25 floors building never used for 40 years, Coloco and Exyzt propose a cultural construction experience between France and Brazil. About twenty artists-builders of each country will collaborate during six month of the season on that collective creation, an event building site. By working in bilateral teams and integrating the public in the creations–constructions, it’s the exchange of know-how, the meeting of emerging cultures, and the resonance of experiences which have the place of honour. Do the best with what is here to economize on resources and go beyond the old opposition between nature is the affirmation of an ethical conviction.Project of activation of a 35 floor tower in Sao Paulo, for the French season in Brazil. With the collective Exyzt, in progress. www.momentomonumento.org