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KOTKA - first prize
Kotka is an harbour town for the wood and paper industry. The big emptyness in the competition’s area gives the opportunity of designing a proper ‘city’s piece’, on which we can express a contemporary idea of living. The project proposes a way of designing the city not as a succeding of architectural episodes, but instauring complex spatial and architectural relations according to a “systemic” proportion of the city. The vary architectural and landscaping elements integrate themselves in a proper idea of net, as alternative of a hierarchical and centripetal city. The built forms and spaces proposed present themselves as suitable completions of the landscape, urban or not, colloquial but mimetic inserts in the contest. Working team_Gianluca Evels-Stefania Papitto-Lorenza Giavarini-Matteo Rossetti (SAR)-Luigi Valente(AR)