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Vancouver - BC - first prize
The project is a free interpretation of the “podium tower” typology of Vancouver, merging the two main elements: the high basement and the tower. The entire space scheduled from the competition is defined by a folding courtain-surface and glass walls. A series of “containers boxes” and cantilevered slabs bring complexity to the interior space multiplying visual relationship for the future users. The first two levels have essentially public functions and a small auditorium. The following floors have a mixed use residential, offices and leisure too, permitting to live the building during the 24hours. The roof, as at the groundfloor, is thinked as a public garden with free access. Project rewarded at XII-th World Triennial of Architecture-Interarch'09 Sofia-Bulgaria, Special Prize from the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria, Silver Interarch Medal and Honorary Diploma. Gianluca Evels & Stefania Papitto