Oporto - Portugal
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7 Houses and Healthcare building in Benfica
In general, relating to the new building proposals, the architecture project usually starts with a proposition of different independent volumes that are related to certain void spaces. What we propose here as a thinking process, is something much different: we propose the idea of creating a "big" volume, which occupies the totality of the allowed surface. We don't pretend have individual parcels nor shapes for each house, but the perception of unique piece that is capable of translating and including the whole program. In a way to assure the logic of illumination/ventilation for the interior space, and above of all, in order to respect the Municipal Ordinance Plan (with an occupation index of 0,5), we introduced to the design certain variables, such as the patios for example. As a reference, using the image of a cheese with holes, we base our design on a radical idea: the idea of a "huge" perforated volume.