Oporto - Portugal
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Scholar Centre in Calvão
Through the definition of a big volume, we propose an appropriation of the scale and proportions of the neighbouring buildings (Industrial Pavilion, Swimming Pool and a Seminar). Starting from a “big” square (84m x 84m) we extruded its base at a height of 6m. This strategy enables: - To reinforce the presence of the Scholar Centre as a building for the community, therefore, as a pole for the local development (in this case in the social/cultural, recreation and sports areas). - Through the “good” high-ceilings, to offer comfort to the interior space; transforming the atmosphere to a pleasant one. - To unify all the limit of the rooftop to the height of the Gymnasium, providing a clear and proportional design to the overall volume (parallelepiped), as well like the other four façades.