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West Zeeland Flanders, landscape structure vision
West Zeeland Flanders
The characteristic, small-scale open landscape of West Zeeland Flanders, with its many small polders and sown dykes and grounds, has a coast with a relatively narrow and young dune zone, and a number of valuable mud flats and tidal marshes. As a result of the rising sea levels, the fact that the western Netherlands is sinking and increased recreation, there is huge pressure on the coast. Instead of continually trying to control the natural system and keep the coastline fixed in one place, OKRA gives more room to the processes that belong to such coastal areas; processes of erosion, sedimentation, tides and currents. In order to offer the dynamic coastal system room to operate and to make it visible, the narrow coastal zone will be broadened to make a wider zone of varied dune landscape, with space for recreation, nature and water extraction.