Oudegracht 23 3511 AB Utrecht The Netherlands
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Gent - Flanders Expo – the Loop
The Gent Flanders Expo site known as ‘the loop’ will go through a process of transformation in the course of a number of years, with the aim of condensing the area and giving it a stronger identity by means of a combination of working, living and retail in a single district. The commission for the public space within the current Expo complex calls for an approach that creates a powerful identity appropriate to an area with large buildings and intensive usage. OKRA has made a plan for this area that ensures that the public spaces, the greenery and water structures and the various component areas acquire a unique character. The key issue is to exploit to the full the theme of ‘leisure and expo’ in combination with residential and office buildings in the public domain. In fact, people will be living and working in a ‘leisure park’, where simple activities like daily shopping enhance the quality of life.