Oudegracht 23 3511 AB Utrecht The Netherlands
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Brinkpark Apeldoorn
The nowadays a neglected car park will be transformed into a park and an underground car park. The park will become artificial impression of a brook valley in the Veluwe District. The brook bed, a highly valued feature from a culture-historical standpoint, is to be returned to an above-ground elevation. The essential characteristics of a brook profile will be expressed in the slight unevenness and waviness of the landscape in the longitudinal direction of the park. The ground plane forms, as it were, a sculpture with stony, artificial features carved into it. Urban use will be concentrated on these fields in the ground plane. In order to make the space seem as green as possible, the paths, as well, will be carved into the green ground plane. In visual terms, the greenery will have optimum continuity. Comparable to the depressions in the terrain, which constitute the locations of intensive use, a patio in the carpark will form a recess.