vicolo pescatori 2 - 31100 treviso - italy
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landslide site at vajont
erto e casso (pn) - first prize
The area where building will take place is an exceptional site where morphology and vegetal arrangements contribute to accentuating the sacredness of a place of memory where man must remain a silent witness and beneficiary. The touchstone for the project stems from an observation of the complexity of the existing landscape and seeks to contribute to the making of a new “equilibrium” in an area greatly altered, in a moment in which an appreciable flow of people come to use the space. Using the quality of the site as a starting point, the project aims to organize the movement of people, their fruition, and their stay in such a way as to bring greater awareness to the time they spend there and to the observations they make. The general philosophy of the project is one of keeping to a minimum the number of interventions.