Via Pettinengo 72
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Una Piazza per Bologna e l'Emilia Romagna
Bologna - first prize
“I think everything is relative in size and it’s all a question of relative scale” (Isamu Noguchi) Our project for the spaces around and inside the Bussiness District follows Isamu Noguchi’s idea for the inner plaza: to work on the soil, in order to emphasize its horizontality, to create a new balance between it and the verticality of the surrounding buildings. The soil that we propose is not limited to the enclosure of the plaza, but it makes the maximum use of the voids originated by Kenzo Tange’s porches, and reaches the external areas, to generate new connections with the surrounding neighbourhoods and the city. The soil assures the continuity between the inside and the outside. The environment features (streets, squares, geen areas) contaminate the pure shape of the soil, creating different kind of spaces, at different levels and with different functions.