Via Pettinengo 72
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Dupex in Rome, Via Celso
Rearrangement of a 1920’s Pavilion for private house and office use The main topic of this project is the reclaiming of a Liberty Pavilion in Rome and the introduction of new functions, basically a three storey private house. That means respecting the historical features of the building, while creating a tension between the ancient and the contemporary architecture. On the top of the building, the last two storeys, the new housing function required a global re-thinking of the space. A central core, free and bright, crosses the whole space, connecting and filtrating the sleeping and the living areas. It contents the “events” of the house: the music room, the patio, the staircase, the kitchen block. The staircase, a typical element of the XIXth century architectures, wraps itself up in the entrance room, breaking the rigid division between the different rooms, creating a promenade through the house.