17-19 lever street ec1v 3qu
project image
The GS2 Tower constitutes one of DOSarchitects` most ambitious and forward-looking projects to date. Designs have currently been approved by commissioner Pyamod, with construction planned for 2009. The tower could in fact be seen as a summary of DOS`s fundamental design principles; those of total geometric coherence, visual originality and symbiosis of function with surface design. The visually striking complex of interlacing `stalactite` versus `stalagmite` fronds, which form the Tower facade, disguises a strong underlying simplicity of design. The structure is geometrically conceived in such a way that every room`s balcony has its own unique shape, angle and view, whilst the overall surface itself duplicates on every floor. This system of angled protruding balconies creates a secondary skin, with self-shaded enclosed spaces providing shelter from the intense Dubai summer heat.